Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Atta Nankhatai

I have been baking nankhatai for many years.I love these eggless cookies as it melts in your mouth.I have tried many variations over the years.Intially I use to make it with just all purpose flour then I tried replacing half of the all purpose flour with atta ,the result always remained excellent.My next mission was to replace flour completely with atta and at the same time I found this recipe in Divya's Easycooking Blog.
I made a few changes in the recipe and the outcome was the same-aromatic melting goodies.

For original recipe click here.

1 ¼ cup Whole wheat flour /Aata
½ cup melted clarified butter / ghee
1/2 cup sugar
½ tsp cardamom powder
1 tsp baking powder
Almonds/pistachios/cashew nuts for garnishing


Sift the atta and baking powder together.Cream the ghee,sugar and cardamom powder.Add sifted mixture little by little to for a soft dough ball(you will need to knead it for a while to make a dough).Make small pedhas of the dough.Garnish them with nuts and bake them in a 375 F preheated oven for 20-25 mins or until they are light golden brown.

This is my entry for Coffee's MBP and Trupti's MBP-Kids Food event.


Asha said...

Perfect looking cookies Ankita, good one to choose! See you later! :)

Usha said...

Loved these healthier version of nankhatai...looks delicious and I loved your masala bhat recipe too, looking forward to trying both of them :-)

Trupti said...

Cookies looks perfect & very delicious. Thanks for sending these for the event.

Namrata Kini said...

Wow your Nankhatais are definitely healthier. Will surely give it a try.

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

Looks super yum!

Rajee said...

Super and perfect!

Divya Kudua said...

Lovely nankhatais Ankita..I am glad you liked it.They look so pretty too,with the nutty garnish..and yeah,way better looking than mine!!

GKB said...

I was wondering when you say whole wheat flour-do you mean the soft chappathi flour from Indian stores or do you mean the American whole wheat flour which has the bran as well..

Ankita said...

Its Chappati flour.