Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kalakand-The Easy way

I decided to celebrate my DS first b'day by inviting a few friends at home.Cake was surely on the menu but what else.I was not able to decide whether i should or should not go for a dessert.Both me and DH are not sweet savvy so i couldn't even think of leftovers.Plus i knew the cake, the appetizer and the main course with hardly leave room for an heavy dessert.At that time this was just the sweet i could think and believe me it was super hit. Everyone has space for these small pieces and no one could believe it was homemade.They are just like the khawa pedhas we get in wrappers in India.They just melt in your mouth.


14oz Ricotta cheese
14 oz condensed milk
2 tbsp sugar(optional)
1tsp cardamon powder
almond,pistachios ,saffron for garnishing.

Heat a heavy bottom pan on medium heat.Add ricotta cheese,condense milk ,cardamon powder and sugar(optional).Keep stirring after every 2 min so that it does stick to the bottom.Once the mixture start leaving the sides and gather together turn the heat off.Pour the mixture on a greased plate.Garnish with almonds,pistachios and saffron.When cooled cut in desire shape.Serve at room temperature or cold.

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Anonymous said...

Yum this looks so good.Must give it a try.