Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Green Onion zunka

Zunka Bhakri is an important dish from west India cuisine. It is one of the most important Maharashtra cuisine. Zunka bhakri is a part of daily meal in rural Maharashtra. Zunka is the versatile dish from rustic Indian recipes, prepared with besan and many spices with smooth texture.Almost in all old marathi films you can see a wife of a farmer bringing his meal to the farms basically consisting of zunka bhakri,lasun chutney and a red onions.

Zunka can be made of onions,green onion,cabbage,snake gourd,green peppers and even with methi.I prefer the one with green onions.


1 cup besan/chickpea flour-roast dry until little brown and aromatic.
2 bunches of spring onion /green onion/scallions
5 garlic cloves minced
4 green chillies finely chopped
5-6 curry leaves
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp chilli powder
pinch of hing
1tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp sugar
3 tbsp water
cilantro for garnishing.


Heat oil in a wok.When hot add hing,mustard seeds,cumin seed,curry leaves, green chillis,garlic fry for a min.Now add in the finely chopped green onions.Cover and cook for 2-3 mins.Now add the salt,sugar,tumeric,chiili powder and mix well.Add the besan little at a time to the piced green onion mixing it simultaneously.Sprinkle water on the mixture cover and cook for 5-7 min on low heat.Garnish with cilantro. Serve hot.


Cham said...

I never heard or tasted one dish, thanks to share with us! Delish

Asha said...

Love Zunka with Bhakris. Adding spring onions sounds great too, good one! :)

Superchef said...

ohh, so thats what these are called!! a couple of weeks ago, i visited a friend of mine and she made this saying her friends mom used to make this. She made it with green bell peppers though. Even she did not know what the name was and i loved it soo much and made it once at home and called it capsicum with besan!!LOL!! :D:D

love love love this dish!! glad to find out how exactly it is made and that other veggies could be used as well :)

Varsha Vipins said...

Oh..this is delish Ankita..Sounds like our rustic Upma or khichdi..besan would be a great addition..I like it this way ..spicy..:)
Thanks a ton for the comments ..:)..I am so glad u did..Pls be around..:)

Trupti said...

Ankita, zunka mastch disat aahe. Khup diwasat me zunaka kela nahi aata udyach zunka karate..

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

Oh new recipe! Looks delicious!Will try this sometime

Madhumathi said...

Never heard of this.It looks simple and tasty..bookmarked :)