Thursday, May 19, 2011

Low Fat Yogurt cake (Eggless) - Easy and Tasty


1 cup All purpose flour

3/4 cup sugar

1 cup yogurt (low fat)

2 tbsp unsalted butter (at room temperature)

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp vanilla

Here's what you need to do

  • Preheat the oven to 350 Deg F.Grease the baking dish with olive oil or butter.
  • Sieve the Flour and baking soda thrice.
  • Cream the butter and sugar till light and fluffy.Add Vanilla and mix.
  • Beat the yogurt and add it to the sugar butter mixture.
  • Add the flour a few tbsp at a time and fold it gently in the wet mixture.
  • Pour in the greased dish and bake for 40 mins or until the toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the center of the cake.
  • Cool and slice it.Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

If the consistency of the yogurt is very thick the batter will be thick and the cake will be dense. Add 2 tbsp of water to the batter in this case.

For variation: 

  • You could add nuts and/or tutti frutti to this cake.
  • Reduce the yogurt to 3/4 cup and add 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1 tbsp of  lemon zest instead to make it a lemon yogurt cake.

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